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The Sportstar is a weekly sports magazine brought out by The Hindu, one of South India’s leading newspapers and an institution in its own right.

It was also one of the best accounts I’ve handled. You got to choose your ad size (it would appear in The Hindu, so media costs were nil), write long copy and decide whether you’d like the ad to be in colour or black & white. Besides, the format was so simple that a hungover copywriter could do the layout.

A plain-text printout of the lead story would be slipped under your door early Saturday morning, ready to be perused over a coffee. An advance copy of the magazine would be on your table when you walked into office on Monday. You had till Thursday to hand in your ad. It had to be faxed, not e-mailed, to the client.

The client was Nirmal Shekar, one of India’s most eminent sports journalists. So, you had better watch what you wrote.


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  1. The Najafgarh creative is well done!

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