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Springwel Sleep Exchange   Leave a comment

Come April, every mattress company announces an exchange program; trade in your old mattress for a discount on a new one.

But, we also realised that our client, Springwel, had another problem -lousy brand recall, despite it being India’s third-largest mattress company. Worse, those who did confused the brand with Sleepwel, a much larger brand.

Instead of a humdrum sales promotion, we decided to make this an integrated brand-building exercise. And, what better way could we make Springwel socially relevant than to tie it with a cause?

It’s a campaign I felt proud to do, because it opened my eyes to a problem we all take for granted – people huddled on the streets at night, in all kinds of weather, at the mercy of both the cops and the underworld.¬† Given the sales the campaign generated, I’d say that a lot of people are sleeping better at night.



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Pampers: Good Morning Baby   Leave a comment

Babies? And me? It was quite a joke at Saatchi when I was put on the account.

But, then,¬† we realised that it wasn’t babies we were talking to, but mothers. And, that it wasn’t just…pardon the pun…shit we were talking about, but something more intangible and close to a mother’s heart.

It was the joy of seeing your child waking up happy in the morning.

No other diaper brand had tapped this insight till then. Nor had any diaper brand really used social networking as an integral part of its communication. After this campaign broke, Huggies tried something on the same lines but, by then,we were up, running and out of sight. So out of sight that we beat P&G’s then-benchmark for integrated campaigns – Gillette Shave Sutra.

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Phileas Hogg   Leave a comment

Sometimes, you wrestle with a brief for days, weeks, or even months before cranking out an idea. On the flip side, there are jobs on which inspiration  comes waltzing along on command. This is one of those.

The brief was to brand a restaurant whose USP was ‘signature dishes from around the world’. And, brand it fast – the interior designer needed a theme to work with, and opening night was just a month and a half away.

“…from around the world???” I mused, as the owners were going over the menu with me. “So, how about Phileas Hogg – you know, like, a take-off on the hero from Around the World in Eighty Days?”

“Let’s do it.” said Aarish and Ritesh. Meeting over, we went off to lunch.

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The Sportstar   2 comments

The Sportstar is a weekly sports magazine brought out by The Hindu, one of South India’s leading newspapers and an institution in its own right.

It was also one of the best accounts I’ve handled. You got to choose your ad size (it would appear in The Hindu, so media costs were nil), write long copy and decide whether you’d like the ad to be in colour or black & white. Besides, the format was so simple that a hungover copywriter could do the layout.

A plain-text printout of the lead story would be slipped under your door early Saturday morning, ready to be perused over a coffee. An advance copy of the magazine would be on your table when you walked into office on Monday. You had till Thursday to hand in your ad. It had to be faxed, not e-mailed, to the client.

The client was Nirmal Shekar, one of India’s most eminent sports journalists. So, you had better watch what you wrote.

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IBM: PC Security   Leave a comment

People routinely dump direct mail, unread, into the trash. So much so that the textbooks call a 3% response rate good.

On this job, we began by figuring out what no senior exec, or his secretary, would have the heart to throw away.

68% of them responded – you can’t win them all, I guess – but the juries at Cannes and DMAsia approved.

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TVS Scooty: Road Test   Leave a comment

The little bike that could.

I tried long headlines, but they seemed more suited to a muscle bike. Besides, we felt that people would doubt that an 80cc scooter could really do what was advertised. So, we decided that a graphic treatment might drive home the point better.

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Karnataka Tourism   Leave a comment

Karnataka’s the state in South India from where I hail, so working on a campaign for the state really didn’t need a brief.

It was afternoon and, as the suits sat around saying “What’s the USP? Should we go talk to people? What about focus groups?” and so on, I sloped off to stock up on the cigarettes I knew I’d soon need plenty of. The paanwallah was yawning broadly, the local rickshaw drivers were refusing fares saying “So far, saar? No, no!”, the security guy outside the bank next door was slouched on a stool, languidly scratching his crotch.

I’d got my USP, done my focus group and, by and large, cracked my campaign.

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